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     I loved BerrylandsCarpetCleaners and their approach to my home cleaning job the other week
Frank S19/05/2020
     This company has done numerous office cleaning at my building. They are good at what they do and have reasonable rates.
Mike G.19/09/2019
     So far, I've used Carpet Cleaning Company Berrylands twice. Both times, I was really impressed with their professional and expedient approach. This time I hired them to clean my carpets, upholstery and draperies. After they'd finished, everything looked amazing. Plus, the carpets were dry shortly afterwards. I was really impressed with the excellent results and the professional approach. Thank you for a great service!
Lilly P.21/07/2016
     I don't have a bad thing to say about the house cleaning teams at BerrylandsCarpetCleaners. The cleaners here are a real pleasure to have in your home, always doing an excellent job and really taking pride in their work. It's great to know that I've got reliable and hardworking people in my home, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results - my home looks fabulous! Thanks to everyone involved!
Jeremy T.29/01/2015
     I wasn't sure about getting other people in to help me with my cleaning. I have OCD and find that it consumes a lot of my time. After a long while of dealing with it, with some help, I called up BerrylandsCarpetCleaners at the advice I received. And basically, thank you so much! After many years of this, and not being able to leave the house, this was actually the best advice I've ever been given! The cleaner you sent over worked quietly, understood exactly how I like things cleaned, and left absolutely everything looking brilliant! Thanks!
Alex G.23/10/2014
     I manage most of my house cleaning tasks on my own but when it comes to office cleaning, I only trust BerrylandsCarpetCleaners. With all sorts of expensive office equipment (the fax machine, the computers, the scanners etc.) I just don't have the heart to take a risk myself or hire anyone but the best. The professional cleaners have years of experience with handling pricey office equipment and I've never found a scratch or a single thing out of place after they are done. Fully recommend them if you are looking for an office cleaning team to help you keep your business looking good.
Dawn 19/09/2014
     I live in a flat with two of my university friends, and we decided to pool together and hire a professional cleaner. We were often too busy with our studies to do a good enough job ourselves, so why not, right? We needed a company that would do a good job, but at the same time stay within our thin budget. BerrylandsCarpetCleaners suited us just fine! They did everything that we wanted with regards to cleaning - they did all of the hoovering and polishing and what not, but at the same time we were still able to afford them. A cheap service to hire, but a class act all the way!
     I wanted to write a review that explained just how great a cleaning company BerrylandsCarpetCleaners is, but I just don't think that's possible! My house looks immaculate after a visit from my cleaner, and I'm finally a proud homeowner. I really enjoy not having to clean my home, and the staff are all so friendly I always look forward to their visits. This is a really professional service and it's one I think that everyone should try. I'll never use a different cleaning company ever again and I'll certainly never get my hands dirty when they don't need to be!

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